Top-Down Desert 1.0

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Ассет содержит много моделей, разработанных специально для пустынных и пыльных сред.

Space Station Level Asset Pack - Zero Gravity PBR / Unity 5

Here it is, Zero Gravity, a retro scene that has won many 3d awards and was featured in many different magazines. Are you making a sci-fi astronaut simulator, zero gravity fps shooter, virtual reality demo or just want to test the new Physically-Based Rendering in action? If so then this package is just for you. See a small preview what you are getting here.

Desert Village 3

This package contains six houses, three plants and 18 decorative props to create a desert village. There are up to three LOD-stages and normal maps. Specular maps are stored in the alpha channel of the diffuse textures. Specbump shaders are already applied.

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