Space Station Level Asset Pack - Zero Gravity PBR / Unity 5

Here it is, Zero Gravity, a retro scene that has won many 3d awards and was featured in many different magazines. Are you making a sci-fi astronaut simulator, zero gravity fps shooter, virtual reality demo or just want to test the new Physically-Based Rendering in action? If so then this package is just for you. See a small preview what you are getting here.

Desert Village 3

This package contains six houses, three plants and 18 decorative props to create a desert village. There are up to three LOD-stages and normal maps. Specular maps are stored in the alpha channel of the diffuse textures. Specbump shaders are already applied.

City Low Poly 3.0

Unity 5 update 
This low poly building pack includes the "NYC buildings pack", the "skyscrapers", "residential buildings pack", "warehouses", "Barcelona low poly", "Venice Low Poly Mobile" and many other models updated for Unity 5. 

Top-Down Apocalyptic World Volume 2 - Military Base 1.5

Второй пакет нашей новой апокалиптической серии.
Он имеет различные реалистичные модели для
строительство брошенных или эксплуатации апокалиптический военной среды.
В сочетании с другими нашими Top - Вниз активов и построить окончательный
апокалиптическом мире.

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