Grass Pack 1.2

Фотореалистичная трава. Подходит для создания больших полей, газонов, лесных полян.

Top-Down Desert 1.0

Создайте уникальный уровень для вашей игры, вместе с  «Top-Down Desert»

Ассет содержит много моделей, разработанных специально для пустынных и пыльных сред.

Animal pack deluxe 1.0

This package contains 26 different animated and rigged animals. All textures are PBR ready, some animals containt secondary color textures for animal variations. Animals contain few animations: idle, walk, run, die, eat, attack.

Space Station Level Asset Pack - Zero Gravity PBR / Unity 5

Here it is, Zero Gravity, a retro scene that has won many 3d awards and was featured in many different magazines. Are you making a sci-fi astronaut simulator, zero gravity fps shooter, virtual reality demo or just want to test the new Physically-Based Rendering in action? If so then this package is just for you. See a small preview what you are getting here.

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