Curved World v2.01 (u5.1.1+)

Curved World is not Image Effect. It's simple, but very powerful per mesh material shader effect.

Curved World curvature means - objects rendering as being bended only inside camera view, while their world space parameters: position, rotation, scale are not changed or modified. Because of this Curved World does not disturb any of game elements like: physics, animation, AI, path finding and other mesh transformations.

Curved World is highly optimized for mobiles and contains: Unlit, One Directional Light, Matcap, Mobile Terrain (similar as T4M) shaders.

Curved World offers shaders for high-end devices with: Standard, Legacy, Unity Terrain and Nature, Water, DX11 Tessellation shaders.

Additional Sprite, Particle, Projector, 2D Skybox, Flare, Cartoon and Outline shaders.

Built in optional parameters system for controlling shader:
• Image Based Lighting
• Fog
• Rim
• Fresnel
• Mesh vertex color
• UV Scroll
• HDR Emission

Almost any asset from the Asset Store can be made Curved World 'friendly', with the easiest custom shader integration system.

Third party shaders and assets supporting Curved World:
• Subsurface Sacattering Shader
• Terrain To Mesh
• Ambient Occlusion Generator
• Mesh Materializer
• SpeedTree® (included)
• KvantLattice and KvantTunnel (included)

Documentation and example scenes inside package.

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Need ReadMe file? It's here.

Unity 4 is not supported any more, but I can provide old Unity 4 version (with limited features) by request.

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