Skele: Character Animation Tools 1.9.2

[v1.9.0 beta] Integrated Timeline editor for cutscene authoring
[v1.9.1 beta] Constraints System

Skele: Character Animation Tools significantly speeds up animator/indie's animation workflow in several ways:

1. Enable developers to make / modify character animations in UnityEditor. Reduce software switching and tedious import/export/split work

2. [BETA] Integrated Timeline editor Greatly accelerate authoring productivity for complex multi-character scenes (cutscenes / finishing moves / etc)

3. Mesh-Morpher tools to make blendshape-like animations without bones

4. Export skinned meshes and animations as DAE archive

5. Utilize the clips you bought from store, modify them to your needs, convert clip type, export to external softwares, etc.

6. Constraints system working in both edit-mode & game-mode.

7. Spline Editor to edit movement path.

Humanoid rig needs special treatment: Please read the two FAQ posts:
(1)How to Edit Humanoid clips?
(2)Best workflow for Humanoid models?

Main Features:
1. Make animation for your rigged characters with FK/IK support. flag, stick, dragon, ghost, mech, bird, fish, robot, human... you could manipulate ANY rigged models.
2. Modify animations. Modify Generic/Legacy animations directly; with our converter, you could also modify and export clips you bought from assetstore too. Modify and get the result immediately.
3. Make blendshape-like vertex animations directly in Unity Editor.
4. Integrated with Timeline Editor [BETA]. Edit the cutscene right inplace, and easily integrate with code/fx/audio/gui/etc.
5. Visualize the bone link, the vertices, and bone weights, etc.
6. Reduce the folder size, you don't need to include duplicate meshes for each animation.
7. Make/Save/Load poses on disk
8. Convert MuscleClip(Humanoid clip) to and fro Legacy/Generic clip
9. Generate RootMotion from RootBone curves
10. Export character mesh and character animation into DAE archive
11. Edit multi-part meshes
12. Fix BindPose of skinned mesh (position and rotation)
13. Mirror your anim clips
14. Modify Animation curve's property, path, type.
15. Multi-edit in FK mode.
16. Mirror-edit bones
17. Fix pivot of non-skinned mesh
18. Reduce keyframes of animation clips
19. Work with both Unity Pro & Free

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      Published date: 08-08-2017, 20:12
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