Action-RPG Starter Kit v 3.1a (Jan 02, 2015)

This project is “ Action Role Player tutorial for Unity”. I designed this program for ease of use. A beginner can easily understand and can apply it for an advanced action rpg project.

This project include both of Javascript and C# version
We recommened to backup your project before update to 3.0

New Update 3.1!!
- Add Mecanim and Legacy Animation Support both of JS and C#
- Improve SkillWindow and Sound in C# version

New Update 3.0!!
- Swimming Add-on
- Enemy's Health bar
- Patrolling Enemy
- Improve Shop System
- Add Save Slots System
- Improve Skill System
- You can learn Skill by Level UP
- New Aiming Mode with 3rd Person Shooter style
You can Buy or Sell Item up to quantity you want.
- Improve Enemy's Skill
Enemy can now use multiple skill.
- Temporary Save for GameOver
- Draggable GUI

This package includes:
-Attack Combo System
-Skill System
-Basic Enemy AI
-thorough documentation and set up guide
-models, animations and more!
-Equipment System
-Skill Window System
-Save-Load Game
-Shop System
-Enemy Drop Items
-Weapon Swap Model
-Skill and Item Database
-Inventory System
- Various Weapon types
- Elemental System
- Abnormal Status System
- Minimap
- Monster Respawn
- Sprint System
- Monster Skill V.1
- More Skill
- Quest System

скачать dle 11.3
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