Uniblocks Voxel Terrain

Generate, load and save infinite cubic voxel terrains. Use the built-in multiplayer functionality to stream voxel data from server and synchronize voxel changes between players.

Implement gameplay mechanics using the simple and powerful voxel scripting system. Scripting examples and an in-depth manual are provided to get you started.

Easily integrate with existing solutions: Uniblocks uses standard Unity colliders and mesh renderers.

Tweak and modify according to your needs: You get full access to all the code, which is clean, simple and well-commented. An extensive scripting reference is included.

- Infinite procedurally generated terrain
- Fast realtime loading and saving of terrain, efficient terrain storage on disk
- Multiplayer features: streaming terrain data from server, synchronizing voxel changes
- Support for custom non-cube voxel meshes
- Fully compatible with Unity's built-in physics engine, including standard colliders, raycasting, etc.
- Fully compatible with Unity's built in lighting, including dynamic shadows and custom shaders
- Easy scripting using the event system (OnMouseDown, OnBlockPlace, etc)
- Clean, simple and well-documented code (all C#)
- A Block Editor window for easily adding and editing blocks
- Example code demonstrating some common gameplay implementations and terrain generation

If you have any questions regarding this asset, you can ask them in the forum thread or contact me at rawlionworkshop@mail.com

(note: Saving and loading is disabled in the WebPlayer demo)

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