Next-Gen FPS

Next-Gen FPS - это платформа для Unity Engine, предназначенная для создания мощных игр в жанре шутера, экшен, приключений и многое другое. С Next-Gen FPS вы можете создавать совершенно разные и уникальные игры.

Horror FPS Kit 1.4

Hfps kit is advanced and easy horror template with all features nedded to build up your own game, includes almost all features that have lot of AAA horror games. Contains a lot of ready to use assets, just drag and drop.

Traffic Ride Template 1.1

!!! NEW UPDATE : Added a lot features, fixed all bugs !!!
This is an complete traffic riding game template that's designed to helps you easily make your own traffic rider style game for different platforms.

Ultimate Survival

Псс, друг, тут я подготовил для тебя новый Уникальный исходник , 60% копии Rust ! Только для тебя, пользуйся ;) 

Тестирован на Unity3d 5.5.3f1 без единой ошибки или глюка, лично мной

X-Racer 1.2

X-Racer is a high-speed 3D infinite racing game template.

Race at break-neck speeds through an ever-changing landscape. Collect credits as you race, then use them to purchase items in the integrated shop.

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