Realistic FPS Prefab 1.44

The Realistic FPS Prefab is an easy way to implement the core features of first person and third person games into your Unity projects with a few mouse clicks. Set up is quick and just requires dragging and dropping the main prefab object into your scene.

Rifle Animset Pro 1.45

This is a complete set of 88 motion capture animations and a PlayMaker controller, to build a seamless, third person perspective character with rifle movement for your game. You can just drag and drop Player and Enemies on your level and play, or use the animations to build your own controllers! TPP shooter and Sidescrolling platformer game examples included!

Low Poly Animated Animals

Высококачественные сфальсифицированные животные с анимацией, потрясающие демонстрационные сцены и сценарий скитаний 

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