2D Survival Sandbox


Fixed bugs! Now Multiplayer is coming for sure. Mobile version after it. Works are ready to implement in a month. Have you ever had a dream to create real 2D Sandbox game?

Mesh and Object Deformers for Unity 3D

This is a set of deformers, created for unity3D that can be used for animation to create some cool effects 

IMAGE DEFORMER: use a black and white image as a deformer, suitable for terrains and other creative ideas, you can use an image sequence and let it deform the mesh too 
-SINE DEFORMER: deform an object using a sine -wave, it can be further adjusted with a curve 

Pretty Car Sample

Pretty Car Sample - a sample of workable car with real suspension and springy headlights. 

- Cross platform input (mobile \ keyboard)
- With a controller ( acceleration \ turning \ braking )
- With sounds
- .obj models with easy textures

Obi Fluid 3.4

What to use it for:
- Small scale fluid simulations
- 2D fluid game mechanics
- Dripping fluid
- Splash effects

What NOT to use it for:
- Large scale fluid simulations
- Pools, oceans, lakes, floods

Horse Animset Pro (Riding System)

Here it is your ultimate horse asset!! 


- 80 Animations Clips

- 4 Horse Styles (3 Realistic, Poly Art,)

- Several Textures Sets for each horse Style

- LODs

- Armour, Reins and Saddle

- Unity Cloth Simulation for the Reins and Mane

- Sounds

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