Go HDR adds HDR tonemapping as well as Linear Lighting support to Indie Unity games. Go HDR simulates the response of a human retina to changes in lighting conditions. It instantly makes your games look much more realistic regardless of lighting setup. 

uSky: Skybox-Based Lighting Shader 1.1.5

uSky is a Physically Based Atmospheric Scattering Skybox in Unity. It will dynamically change the sky color based on the direction of the Light. No more old school static image skyboxes and lighting your scenes with natural sky light color from uSky! 

Tasharen Water 1.9

* Has proper reflections and object shadows underneath
* Has configurable deep and shallow water colors
* Is affected by any number of lights
* Makes it possible to hide terrain edges
* Works in the editor scene view
* Faster than Unity's water

Vintage - Image Effects

Vintage - Image Effects is a collection of post-processing effects that can give to your games aunique and retro visual look inspired by old photography cameras. 

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