UMAzing In-Game Character Creator

The package contains a full pre-built character customization solution with 3 different themes that allows anyone to easily set up a functional and good-looking in-game character creation wizard for any type of game.

UMAzing is more than just themed scenes. It solves the problem of bridging the character creation with the game scene, allowing your generated character to actually enter the game level. It also implements a smooth orbit camera with dynamic zoom and smooth fade which lets the users inspect their characters from all angles by holding down the right mouse button.

The key philosophy in making UMAzing has been to make it as quick as possible to set up, yet still be open to modification, so while everything essential for theming and running can be set inside the inspector, you can still dig into the commented code to implement custom features and adapt it to your game. If you are starting from scratch, there is basically zero configuration needed. All you need to do is add the scenes to the Unity build settings menu and play.

The themes which come with the package each have their own themed GUI and background scene. Feel free to use the themes as they are, or modify them to better suit your game.

You can use the included game scene with a third person viewpoint as a starting point for your gameplay or change the character creation to instead lead to any scene you may already have created by simply dragging a supplied prefab into your scene changing one line in the inspector to match the name of your scene.

Giving your players the ability to create their own characters in your game couldn't be any easier.


- Built on the powerful UMA 2 framework, allowing for limitless extendability
- Almost zero configuration setup
- 3 fully fledged themes (Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Plain)
- Professional, clean GUI appearance, with lots of customizability
- GUI adapts to the screen size
- Smooth orbit camera and fading scene transitions
- Automatically hides parts and colors when there is only one variation of it
- More than sliders: choose the various parts that make up the characters
- Customize the randomization ranges and slider limits
- Easily add skincolors, haircolors, eyecolors, lipstick color and so on right in the inspector
- Includes a simple third person camera setup which automatically attaches to your generated character in the game scene
- Toggle allowance for removing underwear or not
- Commented code, helping you to make your own edits and understand how UMA works

Try the Interactive web demo before you buy to learn more.

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      Published date: 08-08-2017, 20:19
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