Spacial Vision 1.0

Object proximity detection and eventing system to allow an object to "see" other objects in the environment.

Detection and Targeting strategies (e.g. Nearest/Farthest) can be employed to select a specific object in the field of view, giving telemetry on distance and direction to the selected target.

Key Features:

- Engineered for high efficiency and scale. Can handle thousands of objects without dropping FPS
- Non-collider/trigger based, allowing for coroutine based time-slicing
- Selective layer detection
- C# eventing system so you can efficiently hook into detected and lost objects
- Quick and easy to use - just drop an object and configure your perimeter

Spacial Vision is perfect for quick setups, where you want intelligence on objects passing through perimeters.

Spacial Vision comes with full documentation on how to set it up, as well as a scripting guide.

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      Published date: 08-08-2017, 20:20
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