uLectricity - Electricity System [Light Edition] 1.0.1

uLectricity - Easy to understand and setup 'Electricity' System for Unity3D

Warning: This system does not simulate electricity, but it emulates it.

Short Desc

Have you ever wanted to make working radio in your game?
Maybe you wanted to create working CCTV system?
Or just traffic lights that are powered with generator?
With this package you can do all of those things!

Long Desc (recommended to read)

This package can help you when you want to create Electrical Network in your game. It contains some basic things for electricity like Generators or Switches, Buttons or Lamps. It's an package that can be easily extended with more devices like CCTV (which is also included in the package). With this package you can also create custom Radio or even artificial sun.
You need only two things: this package and imagination!

Why uLectricity?

1. It's easy to setup, just follow the example scene.
2. It's fast - 1000 Power calls (without devices actions like playing sound) takes just about 0.1ms to execute.
3. It's cheap - many might not agree with that, but it provides the whole API to manage electrical network...
4. It's extensible - you can extend it easily to create your own devices like fridges or ovens (check video from LiveCoding stream)
5. It comes with full source code - say no to .dll plugins
6. It's MultiThreaded (devices actions are called on Main thread, cause they uses Unity functions, but all power messages are sent on separate dedicated thread for uLectricity)
7. It's easy to understand, how it works.
8. User-Friendly Editors
9. and many others...

You don't believe?
Try it yourself!

Documentation: online
Simple tutorial:online
First video shows simple proper setup of a Generator with 2/3 Power Receivers and some tests how it works. It's based on uLectricity README available with package and in video description.

Currently included example scenes:
1. Scene with all components and their proper setup.
2. Scene with room and switchable light
3. Scene with artifical sun, which can be enabled/disabled on space

Write at support@ichoriuminc.pl or ichoriuminc@gmail.com

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