NWH Vehicle Physics 1.4

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Vehicle physics package suitable for wide range of vehicles. Realistic, easy to use and heavily customizable.

Wheel Controller 3D, a custom in-house wheel solution, has been used for wheel physics while the rest of the system had been written from the ground up.

General features:

Х Fast vehicle setup with quick start video or included manual.

Х Seven vehicle prefabs of different types are included: sports car, sedan, 8x8 truck, monster truck, tank, city bus and semi with trailer.

Х Suitable for wide range of applications.

Х Runs on both desktop and mobile devices.

Х Uses custom in-house wheel solution Ц Wheel Controller 3D Ц for 3D ground detection and high level of customizability.

Х Per-wheel surface detection based on terrain textures or object tags. Different friction curves and effects for each surface.

Х Suspend option for inactive vehicles which minimizes impact on performance while keeping basic functionality.

Х Character vehicle changer that works with any character controller / game object, including other vehicles.

Х Helper scripts such as analog and digital gauge controllers, camera and vehicle changers, center of mass and downforce adjusters, etc.

Vehicle Physics Details:


Х Realistic engine power and torque calculation with adjustable power curve and RPM range.

Х Functional forced induction.


Х Gear ratios and final gear ratio.

Х Dynamic shift point based on load.

Х Three transmission types: Automatic, Automatic Sequential and Manual.

Х Manual transmission supports both sequential and H-pattern shifting.

Х Center differential: Open, Limited Slip, Locking or Equal.


Х Geometry settings for each axle: Steering Angle, Pro/Anti Ackermann Steering, Toe, Camber, Caster and Anti-roll Bar.

Х Adjustable power, braking and handbrake distribution.

Х Per-axle differentials: Open, Limited Slip, Locking and Equal.

Х Supports solid axle (check Monster Truck in the demo).


Х Optimized queue-based mesh deformation that spreads processing over multiple frames.

Х Damage influences vehicle performance and handling.


Х All audio sources are set up automatically.

Х Sound can be adjusted through Audio Mixer for all vehicles or though inbuilt mixer for each vehicle and each effect individually.

Х Engine, forced induction, gear change, suspension, surface, skid, crash, air brake, horn and blinker sounds.


Х Vehicle light system with low beam, high beam, stop and brake lights, blinkers.

Х Can be used with any number of lights of any type and/or emissive materials.

Х Persistent and well optimized mesh-based skidmarks.

Х Exhaust particle effects based on engine state.

Х Per-wheel dust and smoke particle effects based on surface the wheel is on.


Х Desktop input using standard input manager with mouse steering option.

Х Mobile input through on-screen steering wheel and pedals or tilt controls.


Х Trailer is a vehicle in itself meaning all the effects that work on a vehicle work on a trailer too.

Х Trailer gets input routed from the vehicle it is attached to which results in functional lights, braking, damage and even steering if needed.

Х Built-in attach / detach functionality where any vehicle can attach any trailer with correct tag.


Х Fuel consumption calculation using engineТs efficiency.

Х Readouts in l/100km, km/l and US mpg.


Х Universal analog and digital gauge controllers and lights for use in dashboard or HUD.


Х Modular code structure for easy modification and upgrading.

Х C# source code with XML comments on all public members.

Х Tooltip explanations for all visible variables.

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