RT-Voice PRO

Did you ever want to make a game for people with visual impairments or reading difficulties? Or want your players to not have to read too much? Or would you listen to just the dialogues in your game without consulting a voice-actor in early stages of development? Then RT-Voice is your time-savingsolution to do so! RT-Voice uses TTS-voices already integrated in your system to pronounce any written text at runtime. All of this happens without intermediate steps: the transformation effects instantaneously - and, if needed, simultaneously!

DestroyIt - Destruction System

DestroyIt is a highly optimized destruction system that provides multiple options for handling the damage, repair, and destruction of objects in your games. 

Objects can show visible progressive damage (which can even be repaired) using the Standard shader and customizable damage textures. You can also play damage effects at any damage level, for instance, an engine that starts smoking at half health and catches on fire at one-quarter health. 

UDP Messenger 1.0

PPT UDP Messenger allows Unity to receive and send messages as a string using the User Datagram Protocol. Use it to communicate with other applications, in either the same or a different device. Easily control games or applications using tablets or mobile phones. 

Mesh and Object Deformers for Unity 3D

This is a set of deformers, created for unity3D that can be used for animation to create some cool effects 

IMAGE DEFORMER: use a black and white image as a deformer, suitable for terrains and other creative ideas, you can use an image sequence and let it deform the mesh too 
-SINE DEFORMER: deform an object using a sine -wave, it can be further adjusted with a curve 

Pretty Car Sample

Pretty Car Sample - a sample of workable car with real suspension and springy headlights. 

- Cross platform input (mobile \ keyboard)
- With a controller ( acceleration \ turning \ braking )
- With sounds
- .obj models with easy textures

Obi Fluid 3.4

What to use it for:
- Small scale fluid simulations
- 2D fluid game mechanics
- Dripping fluid
- Splash effects

What NOT to use it for:
- Large scale fluid simulations
- Pools, oceans, lakes, floods

Gaia 1.6.1

Welcome to GAIA the artist friendly all in one terrain and scene generation system for Unity 3D that allows you to create the stunning environments that even Skyrim would be proud of - in just minutes!!

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