Radio 2.2.0

Если вы хотите реализовать в своей игре прослушивание РЕАЛЬНЫХ радиостанций,то этот скрипт как раз для вас,

Простая наст

UI Speedometer

This Unity tutorial will go over how to create and script a UI speedometer for our motorcycle. The motorcycle may look familiar as it was taken from the fantastic Blender course by Chris Kuhn found here: Modeling a Motorcycle. I wanted to bring this into Unity to add a digital speedometer modeled off some real world digital speedometers found in cars currently out there.

Cover Rifle Animset Pro 1.1

This is a set of 61 cover animations, for for a character armed with a rifle. It also contains32 additive aiming animations. A mecanim graph, showing how to blend the animations together, is also included.

FPS контролер

Простой контролер FPS трёх размеров: большой маленький и стандартный.
Надеюсь кому то пригодиться!

Simple FPS controller in three sizes: large and small standard.
I hope someone come in handy!

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