Advanced AI Pro 7.2

A complete and professional AI solution for game designers, artists (non-programmers). It has an industry-standard enemy, neutral NPC, and friendly behaviors. 

USplash Screen 1.4

- Unity 5 Support!.
- Android, IOS Support.
- New MovieTexture Support.
- New LoadLevel Progress Bar. (Unity5 and Unity4 pro).
- Loading Effect.
- Skip Button. 
- OnGUI and uGUI (UI 4.6) support. .
- 6 Effects of sound, in and out .
- Structure Array, you can create all the transitions you want. 
- Sample animations included. .
- Adjustable time: FadeIn, Show, FadeOut, and next transition.
- Fully Customizable.

EasyCalendar v1.0

EasyCalendar is your perfect solution for creating totally customized Calendars Widgets on Unity GUI! If you are an artist, you can create and customize your calendars in totally CODELESS way! If you are a programmer, you can also extend EasyCalendar's functionalities by editing the scripts! Have it your way!a

Android Native Plugin 6.8

This plugin provides the easy and flexible functionality of Android native functions, including in-app purchases, play service, advertising, native device API and a lot more

Forge Networking 11.5

Unity 5 Ready!
IL2CPP Supported!
Forge Networking is a set of core networking libraries for developing Real-time Multiplayer games and applications (communication between multiple devices over the internet or local area network). Forge Networking works cross platform so your iOS can communicate with Windows Phone and even PC in real time!

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