Pro Above Display

Pro Above Display is an easy to use, yet powerful script with which you can display information such as text or textures, showing health bars, text of health status, the names of players, team names, and much more... 

Game Camera v1.1.12

Game Camera is a AAA camera solution for your game. This package contains 3rd person camera, RPG camera, RTS camera and more in professional quality you can see in today's AAA games.

MiniMap - MFPS

MiniMap allow this for players to aid in orienting Themselves Within the game world / map, show the location of friends, enemies and other important items on the map.

IOS Native v7.0.1

This plugin provides the easy and flexible functionality of IOS native functions which are not natively available from Unity. Including Game Center, In-App Purchases, iCloud, Social API and a lot more. 

Class Customization - MFPS

Class Customization allows the player to set personalized way weapons of each class (primary, secondary, Knife and grenade) in RunTime using a dedicated menu.
settings of each class will be stored locally, when returning to the game that the load like last time.

UMenu Pro v1.0

Not have time to design a stylish and functional Menu, this is the best solution: UMenu Pro is an advanced System Menu working with uGUI, with a professional and elegant design, plus multiple transition effects and sound effects, functional for any type or genre of games.

cInput Pro v2.8.5

cInput is a custom input manager for Unity which effectively replicates, improves, and therefore replaces Unity's built-in inputmanager.

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