2D Isometric Tiles 2 1.0

2D Isometric Tiles #2
This pack includes 104 isometric 2D tiles 24 2D trees. You can use tiled editor or unity extensions to build isometric maps for you games.
There are tiles for grass, rocks, flowers and soil, each tile has additional height, so you can raise individual tiles and create more realistic maps
Please see screenshots illustrating maps which can be created using these tiles.

2D Breakout Pack 1.0.0

This AIO package is perfectly to create your own breakout game like.

You will find all you need in high quality :
- 1 font
- 62 items (brick, ball, area, paddle etc...)
- 17 various elements (bonus, explode, etc)
- more than 200 Gui elements (buttons, progress, symbols, windows)

One Minute GUI v1.0

Make your ownGUI in One Minute!How? Thanks to One Minute GUI its childs play! Especially for you, we createdSimple UI elements, that come together with ourMenu Manager Pluginand newuGUI system. Its super easy to use! Inside package you will findfull Documentation.Making fast and simple GUI was never so easy!

HD Blood Splatter Decals v1.0

High quality HD Blood splatters ready to be used in your project.
Simply drag the prefab onto your scene and place the blood as you see fit.
It can also be used with scripts to create great effects.
Create your bloody scene with ease!

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