Space Station Level Asset Pack - Zero Gravity PBR / Unity 5

Here it is, Zero Gravity, a retro scene that has won many 3d awards and was featured in many different magazines. Are you making a sci-fi astronaut simulator, zero gravity fps shooter, virtual reality demo or just want to test the new Physically-Based Rendering in action? If so then this package is just for you. See a small preview what you are getting here.

Assets are built just like the real space station using the modular workflow. This means that you can create very complex levels with just using few modules. Those modules are also using texture atlases so you can batch those precious draw calls. Models are created to be as detailed as possible and with the hi-quality textures you can really make believable looking environments.

You are getting textures like Albedo, Normal, Gloss, Metalness/Specular, Occlusion, Emissive in 2048x2048 .psd format. Modules are also made to prefabs so they are easy to use. This package also contains a lot of props and other environment assets.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send those to me at

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      Published date: 03-02-2018, 18:25
      Author:  Unit
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