Top-Down Apocalyptic World Volume 1 - Town

"Сверху-Вниз" Апокалиптического Мира Том 1 - Город"
сначала обновления нашей новой апокалиптической серии.
К услугам гостей различные реалистичные модели для
строительство малых одиноко апокалиптические городской среды. 

"Top-Down Apocalyptic World Volume 1 - Town" 
is first pack of our new apocalyptic series. 
It features different realistic models for 
building small lonely apocalyptic town environment. 


Military Pack (torrent)

An extensive high quality Military Pack Part 1. Containing all the high quality assets needed to make your game come to life. With the demo scene included you can make your military base come to life in a matter of seconds. With all AAA quality all modelling and texturing are fully optimized allowing you to add so much detail to your game. 


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