Caveira (v2) - Rainbow Six Siege

Caveira (v2) - Rainbow Six Siege

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Версия unity:5.0.0
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Tom Clancys Rainbow Six SiegeВсе материалы по игре


obj, fbx, gltf

Caveira's updated model, normals and diffuses baked by me, I included the colors the game uses to color the diffuses in 'mats.txt' under the 'raw' folder alongside with the uncolored diffuses.

Since the UVs are mostly the same for the body and headgear it's possible to use Luxox's old baked diffuses on this model as well (just flip the textures vertically :D ) tho Ubi changed her skin color and face paint too much to use those, luckily the gloves and arms have different materials so using the old glove diffuse is pretty easy.

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