Breakable Electronic Props

Breakable Electronic Props – it’s a set of destructible electronic objects. 
There is a script in this asset, with which you can make your own destructible objects. 
It will be perfect for various game generes (from racing games to shooters). 
Also this asset is perfectly suitable for mobile games. Different settings and adjustmens give an oppurtunity to make destructions realistic. 

This asset includes: Laptop, Speaker, Fan, Piano, TV, Screen, Security camera, Lamp, Table, Printer and breakable windows. Update coming soon. 

In each object collision force, health, explosion force, collision sounds, breaking sounds, cleanup broken objects, break delay, collision prefabs, broken prefabs can be adjusted. New script supports kinematic rigidbody and broken objects reappearing functions. 

Textures > 1024px *Scene included

скачать dle 11.3
      Published date: 20-07-2018, 12:21
      Author:  LOyoujoLI
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