Low Poly FPS Pack 2.0

Советую посмотреть демку. Она вам понравится

This pack contains animated fps arms, gun models, grenades, explosions, and more, perfect for cartoon and low poly style fps games!

Comes included with seven demo scenes, containing destructible objects and a variety of environment props and objects.

Easy to use, just drag and drop the example prefabs into your scene, or use the models separately.

Check out the WebGL demo to see all the weapons in action!


 Animated fps arms

 Arm textures

 Gun models

 Melee weapons

 Demo scenes

 Explosion effects

 Bullet impacts

 Grenade models


 Casing & bullet models

 Example prefabs

 Example scripts in C#


 Muzzleflash sprites

 Particle effects

 Environment props

All weapon models share a 256x256 texture.

The gun models are between 400 and 3700 tris.

(Remember to import the standard assets before using, read the included "How To Use" pdf to get started.)

Feel free to leave feedback in the forum thread!

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      Published date: 14-01-2018, 12:17
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