WA: Assault Rifle - SpecOps Forces Combat v1.0

HIGH QUALITY Specops Combat Assault Rifle
HalfPixelGames Released a new Assault Rifle.
Its a part of our great project WORLD ARMY.

- FBX Model -13K polygons.

- 3 texture skins: Desert, Black, Camouflage set
- Also you can easy to add a any camouflage tiled texture as detail texture.

- Separated into 4 parts. (MainElement, Barrel, IronSight, Grenade Launcher).

- 3 type of Barrels: LB, STD, CQS (Long, Medium, Short barrels).

Textures: Albedo, Metalness, NormalMap, AmbientOcclusion, DetailMask, Tiled Camouflage.
4096x4096 - main element.
2048x2048 - GrenadeLauncher
1024x1024 - IronSight and Barrel, LauncherBullet.
1024x1024 - Tiled Camouflage

All assets using Unity5 Standart Material

In future updates will be added: Silencers, OpticalSights.
Additional information available at forumthread.

скачать dle 11.3
      Published date: 06-08-2017, 13:05
      Author:  Unit
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