Golem Collection

This pack includes all the 12 mighty low-poly golem characters available at the UAS. Golems are mecanim humanoid compatible. Demo scenes include fully set up third-person controller for each golem. 

Nautika Spaceship Pack

This is an spaceship asset pack to add more fun into your sci-fi environments. Can be used as environment props or as playable vehicle, but it does not include any control system for that purpose. Nautika includes 2 spaceships by size: cruiser & fighter with 2 different cruiser versions. Some effects for engine heat simulation are also included in the pack. 

Character Creator SimP Series

Character Creator SimP Series 

SimP Series characters are simple and customizable. Just drag and attach the different hairs, costumes, accessories and weapons to create a unique looking character. Probably one of the best character customization packs in store! 

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