Fawn is great for forest, woods maps. 
- Fully rigged, textured and animated. 
- 2 version: 5K tris for PC and 2K tris for mobile. - Animations: walk, run, stand, idle, eat, hit 1, hit 2, death. 
- Polygon count: 5012 triangles for PC, 2000 triangles for mobile. 
- Textures: 4096x4096 diffuse map, normal map, specular map.

POLYGON - Horse Pack 1.01

Пак низкополигональных лошадей

Ассет включает в себя: - 3D модель лошади x1 (текстуры 10x лошадей) - Седло x1 - Поводки x1

Animal pack deluxe 1.0

This package contains 26 different animated and rigged animals. All textures are PBR ready, some animals containt secondary color textures for animal variations. Animals contain few animations: idle, walk, run, die, eat, attack.

Alien Creature Pack

Alien creatures pack. 3000-4000 triangle per creature. Each creature uses one 1024*1024 texture. 8-10 animations on each (attack*2, idle, special idle, walk, getting hit*2, die*2) 

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