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The administration of the site does not exercise control and can not be responsible for the information placed by users on our website. Therefore, if you are the copyright owner of any material on which the link is posted on this site - please report this to the contacts provided below.


We are always open for cooperation with rightholders. If your rights to copyright objects are violated in any way using our site (data we have placed with Us, which are protected by copyrights), our Administrators are ready to go to you for a meeting and delete the content on request and the granting of copyright

If there are any disputable situations, we ask you to send us an e-mail to the letter where you need to specify this:

1. The actual proof of your rights to the material, copyright:
- A scanned important document with a seal, or
- email from the official mail domain of the copyright owner's company, or
- other data that allow you to determine without dispute whether you are the copyright owner of this material.

2. Exact links to page (s) of, which contain content published in violation of copyright.

When we receive a letter confirming the actual evidence, within 24 hours, regardless of the day of the week, we completely remove from the site content that violates copyright.
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