Shooter AI

Shooter AI


В разработке.

Shooter AI - The AI solution for ANY combat situation v2.2

Список возможностей:
- Dynamic shooter AI, with advanced cover finding
- Deployment in less than 5 mins; Drag-and-drop usage; works out of the box with UFPS and Realistic FPS Prefab; Supports all features in Unity Free
- Choose between Unity Navmesh or A*
- 17 page manual
- Eyes, ears and tactile input feed the AI brain for total comprehension of the environment
- Dynamic fear and adrenaline settings never let the same situation play out twice
- Ability to customize each and every AI character so that they react in their own individual
way, though default values already allow fully operational character
- Melee attack : make AI characters fight only with melee weapons, or use their gun (when they run out of ammo) to suicidally charge; as usual everything works right out of the box and ANY weapon can be used as a melee armament
- Shooter AI takes over all animations and IK, so you just concentrate on making the perfect model; AI procedurally reacts to hits, falls and gets back up!
- 25 voice tracks with built in audio manager
- Fully open source, well commented C# code; no DLLs; all properties can be edited in-game
- Built-in LOD manager
- Soldier Prefab Included
- AIs communicate with each other and call in reinforcements!
- Insert own code at vital events, to make the game create the atmosphere you want
- AI powered characters fight against each other or together
- Whole system modular, making it possible to fully exchange components
- Team overview and strategies , making your AI attack in style!
- And so, so much more

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