A* Pathfinding Project Pro v4.1.16

A* Pathfinding Project Pro

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Версия unity:5.2 и выше
Версия файла:v4.1.16


The A* Pathfinding Project is a powerful and easy to use pathfinding system for Unity. With blazing fast pathfinding your AIs will be able to find the player in complex mazes in no time at all.
Perfect for TD, FPS and RTS games.

Grid, navmesh and point graphs, so you've got 3 types of graphs included. Automatic navmesh generation to save you from doing it manually. Fully multithreaded so it will barely affect the frame rate. Path post-processing using raycasting, smoothing and using the funnel algorithm. A single line of code for a pathfinding call. Graphs can be saved to files. Local Avoidance both in the XZ and XY plane. Source code included. Supports updating graphs during runtime.

Includes a total of 16 example scenes to help you get started. Also a comprehensive online documentation where almost all functions and variables are documented. 

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