Shmup Starter Kit for PlayMaker

Accelerate your development of top-down shooter games with this shmup starter kit. the system is mobile-ready for either iOS, WP8 or Android. *SUPPORTS KEYBOARD

Replace the sample art with your own and then add your idea to complete your vertical scrolling shooter game project.

This project is ready with:
-Touch controlled space ship
-Customizable powerup, missiles, bullet, projectiles, enemy, player loadout, etc..
-Customizable enemy pathing
-Timed spawn for enemy
-FSM templates
-Score, hp, lives counter
-Customizable bullet/projectile/missile/bomb damage
-Complete shooter game
-Now SIMPLE OBJECT POOL FOR PLAYMAKER is included for free

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Play the demo scene here

скачать dle 11.3
      Published date: 08-08-2017, 20:11
      Author:  vanya
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