Photon Bolt beta

Already purchased the old Bolt package? Get the new Photon Bolt package and future updates free of charge here.

* Bolt works perfectly on the free version of Unity
* Replicate both game object transforms and user-definable properties automatically, no need for any code. Everything is neatly accessible through a visual editor which lets you define and customize properties at a detailed level.
* Replicate mecanim animations automatically over the network, giving you perfectly replicated animations for all your characters, again without any custom code required.
* If you are building an authoritative game you will enjoy the built in solutions for both authoritative movement with client-side prediction and lag compensated ray-casting.
* Perfect for Steam & PC

Read more on our website, check out our online docs and API documentation.

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      Published date: 08-08-2017, 20:11
      Author:  vanya
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