Forge Networking 17.1

IL2CPP Supported!

Forge Networking is a set of core networking libraries for developing Real-time Multiplayer games and applications (communication between multiple devices over the internet or local area network). Forge Networking works cross platform so your iOS can communicate with Windows Phone and even PC in real time! Forge Networking is stand alone, you can develop networked games with this one time purchase plugin. This will allow you to create all of the network communications you have enjoyed since day one of the beta. With Forge Networking, you can host servers at no CCU/DAU cost. Forge networking runs within a Unity instance so you get the full power of debugging in Unity as well as using all of the components and tools that Unity has to offer!

Did we mention that you get 100% source code? Yeup, it's all here and native unity C# code!

- Remote Procedure Calls
- Complete Unity native C# source code
- Multi-Threaded
- Event Driven
- HTTP/HTTPS libraries
- Writing of raw data
- Header sizes ranging from 1-32 bytes
- Data compression
- Data updates on Deltas
- Individual object update intervals

Forge Networking has been in closed beta for a few months now and has had hundreds of beta testers giving feedback, performance improvement suggestions, requests, and more!

Tested Platforms:
- Windows (x86 / x64)
- Mac (x86 / x64)
- Linux (x86 / x64)
- iPhone / iPad
- Android
- Windows Phone 8.1
- Windows Store 8.1
- Windows Universal
- Webplayer

Any platform that supports C# sockets should work with the system.

Ability to run outside of Unity instance, see developer site for more information.

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