DarkPatcher - Patcher and Launcher 2015-04-20

Finally supports Windows, Linux and Mac!
Minimize size of upload! Compression is ready to use!
Unity 5 ready! But still supports older versions of Unity.

"Thanks to DarkPatcher we no longer have any problems with providing fast and easy patching system to our community. One of the best assets ever!" ~ Gloria Victis

Are you searching for easy and simple patching system for your game? I'm glad to see you here! Here we've got what you're exactly searching.

DarkPatcher offers you an easy way to create launcher for your game. You are not locked in boring system interface windows. You can create your launcher as Unity application! This means that you can even add flying space-ships in the background to improve effect of your launcher. What about patch creation ? There's nothing easier than this! You have to only select versions of your game - everything else is done by our library.

New version is right here! Support for Linux & Mac and more stable patching system. For previous version users (1.x and 2.x) - please abandon previous project and create the new one with this version. Old version is no longer supported and developed.
DarkPatcher Documentation | Website

Note that DarkPatcher is using xdelta3 binary (tool and library for differential compression) made by Josh Macdonald.

скачать dle 11.3
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