Touch Controls Kit 1.5

This asset is a powerful, flexible and intuitive to use touch kit, allows you to quickly and easily develop actions based on a touchscreen. Create any touch controllers, from an simple button to an racing steering wheel, and have them working in seconds!

Stellar Sprites 1.2

This extension requires one license per seat

Requires Unity 5.0.0 or higher.

Price Drop Until Release 1.3 (Will include full source!!!)

Stellar Sprites
Real-time procedural sprites

Atavism MMO Creator 2.5.1

Requires Unity 5.1.1 or higher.
Atavism Website
Atavism opens up the development of MMO games to everyone regardless of programming knowledge or artistic ability. Integrated with the Unity engine as the client, developers now have direct access to one of the most anticipated MMO engines in the market.

2DxFX: 2D Sprite FX 1.6.0

This extension requires one license per seat

Requires Unity 4.6.3 or higher.

2DxFX is an advanced 2D Sprite Tool. Create enhanced visual effect is very easy. Controls and manipulate your effect for 2D sprites.

Cartoon Summer Beach Pack v1

Requires Unity 4.3.4 or higher.
Summer is coming !
Get yourself ready with this summer themed pack ! This pack contains cartoons assets to make a beautiful beach. Every asset is optimized, two textures for all the props (~140!).
Two rich detailed scenes are included : One daylight scene and one night time scene.
Now updated for Unity 5!

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