IOS Native 8.0.6

Requires Unity 4.6.9 or higher.

This plugin provides the easy and flexible functionality of IOS native functions which are not natively available from Unity. Including Game Center, In-App Purchases, iCloud, Social API and a lot more.

Unity 5 ready!

35 Game Examples! 3.41

In the 40 Game Examples will find all 35 games everything from: platformers, infinite runners, tower defence, shoot em ups, top down shooters to flick starter kits and many more. You'll find complete projects: golf, JRPG, pool, bowling, darts, cyber brickout, queens-rampage, shooter kit and even an FPS starter kit.
Only 50 cents a kit a real steal of a deal.

Mad Level Manager 2.3.5

Mad Level Manager is...

Level manager. With powerful and easy level configurator you can set your own level workflow in a matter of minutes. You can even prepare multiple configurations! (e.g. for the demo version)

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