MFPS: Multiplayer FPS v1.0.2

It is a complete Multiplayer FPS kit with everything needed to start a multiplayer game, working with Photon Cloud, has many features to get you started with a very advanced and stylish base.

- Unity 4.6 UI integration. - Player Class: Assault,Recon,Enginner,Support.
- AFK Detection. (If a player is inactive for a desert time, this will automatically return to the lobby.
- Team selection and Auto-Team selection
- Games for rounds or only one round.
- Advanced weapon system ( Bullet penetration, Bullet Physical or Raycast Spread, Impact strength, range).
- Shot types (Auto, Burst and Semi-Automatic).
- Fall Damage.
- Kill Notification.
- Network Footstep.
- Game Modes (TDM,FFA,CTF)
- Different Player for each team.
- Super player Jump
- Smooth weapon Movements when is running.
- Damage Indicator.
- Advance Kit Call and Pick Up
- Kill Camera.
- Select and change Server

скачать dle 11.3
      Published date: 06-08-2017, 20:08
      Author:  Unit
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