Advanced Sniper Starter Kit v4.1

Advanced Sniper Starter Kit 4.1
The Realistic Sniper Shooting System.
Advanced Bullet Edition

Important: There's many changes in this version. Please backup your project before update.

New Update!
- Camera collision system
- More accurate with trajectory calculation
- Mobile Touch pad controller
- Able to apply with any shooting system. such as UFPS or others FPS system.
- Action bullet camera presets included.
Clean up and BUG FIXES!

- Camera collision
- Touch pad for mobile devices
- More accurate with trajectory calculation
- Sniper rifle M24 3d Model (.fbx) with animations (shoot, idle, bolt action)
- Realistic long range shooting system
- Action Bullet Camera
- Action Bullet Presets
- Basic Gun System (bolt action / semi auto)
- Multi-Guns suppoted. - Gun sway and movment. - Keep breath
- Configurable zoom with mouse scroll
- Basic FPS controller
- Basic enemy
- Zombie shooting game

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