UFPS Photon Multiplayer Starter Kit [BETA] v0.5.0

Зеркало (Торрент)

Requires UFPS : Ultimate FPS 1.5.0.
Includes Photon PUN Free 1.51 (stripped).


• Difficulty level: Advanced
• Requires C# scripting skills.
• Please read the disclaimers at bottom before buying.

What is this?
An add-on for UFPS that hooks your game up with the Photon Cloud. A framework of wrapper scripts allowing you to get started on a game without worrying about compatibility between UFPS and Photon Unity Networking, with lots of gameplay fundamentals already taken care of. Use it for learning, for cloud-based multiplayer games, or just as a bag of tricks for implementing your own multiplayer solution.

Framework features:
• Authoritative Master Client and distributed game logic. Damage, death, score, inventory, pickups, player states and bullet paths are authoritative

• Master Client handover during game (if master leaves, the game keeps running and another player becomes master)

• Simple prediction and interpolation of player position

• Damage and score tracking for bullets, explosion splash damage and kill zones (who set off the chain explosion gets the frag)

• Crash popup for standalone & webplayer builds. Alerts you at first sign of unstable execution

Demo features
• Implementation of classic, old-school Team Deathmatch gameplay
• Unlimited teams with their own player body models, spawnpoints, names and colors
• Scoreboard for Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch
• Team-colored player nametags that fade out behind obstacles
• Match logic with time limit
• An awesome deathmatch level, Helipad Escape, courtesy of the ProBuilder team
• Simple Robber and SWAT prototype characters
• A very simple chat :)

Base UFPS features supported (so far):
• Camera, controls & player body / animation system
• UFPS player events triggered over the network (crouching, running, sliding, aiming, etc.)
• Projectile weapons with FX (muzzleflashes, shell casings, impact effects & decals)
• Hand grenades and explosions with cover detection
• Damage types and tracking
• Pain hud with directional damage arrows
• Melee combat
• Spawnpoints
• Kill zones
• Ragdolls
• Inventory and pickups
• Rigidbody physics
• Moving platforms
• Triggers and switches
• Falling damage
• Prop destruction
• Ladders

1) This kit is in BETA and is not a final product. You can find a detailed feature list with remaining tasks here.
2) The manual is work in progress (early draft).
3) This is not a complete game template. It is intended as a bridge between Photon PUN and UFPS only, with simple gameplay examples.
4) Requires C# scripting skills. To add custom gameplay you will need a decent understanding of Unity, C#, UFPS and Photon concepts

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