UnitZ v2.1

The Multiplayer FPS sandbox starter kit.

This kit can help you to create a sandbox, multiplayer, open world game in a few steps. The pack also comes with several different gameplay modes such as Death Match, Survival Horror, and Zombie Swarm. You can create your world, customize your rules, and enjoy the games with your friends.

Importance : there's have many changed in this version please backup your project before update.

This kit using Unity Networking (RPC) with network view concept

2.0 New features
- New GUI
- Cut down tree system
- Building craft system
- Drag and drop Inventory
- Item shortcut

Core Features
- FPS game with Online - Multiplayer
- Inventory and Crafting System
- Day/Night cycle
- Sandbox environment
- Vehicles
- Ladder Climb
- Create Several FPS gameplay

скачать dle 11.3
      Published date: 06-08-2017, 20:14
      Author:  Unit
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