MFPS 1.0.8

-Version 1.0.8
- Fix: Delta SpawnPoints don't have assign team enum.
- Fix: Left and Right Player Animation.
- Improved: Add field for scene name for when left of room in bl_RoomMenu.
- Improved: Add field for scene name for when disconnect in GameManager.
- Fix: Bullet hit sound is heard at any distance.
- Improved: Bullet hit sounds spawn function now is more authoritative.
- Improved: FootStep Audio references.
- Improved: Clean code of bl_PhotonConnection.cs
- Change: OnGUI lobby versi?n is not longer supported.
- Improved: Joined message in killfeed has change.
- Improved: 'Example Scene' has been edit.
- Improved: Graphics.
- Fix: enum Team flag's is not the correct.
- Fix: Bullet collides with shell.
- Fix: Example Rifle animation broken when swicht and fire instantly.
- Improved: Sniper Scope now preserve the aspect when scale.
- Improved: Sniper Scope now use UGUI instead OnGUI.
- Fix: When chat have more than 5 lines cause next lines fall behind.
- Fix: When fire granade with fast click this throw two grenades.
- Improved: When ragdoll spawn force is applied to rigidbody, causing a Unwanted movement.
- Fix: RoomList alignment in Unity 5.2
- Fix: When have two or more network weapons active by default in player prefab, this get wrong type in start.
- Fix: Knife Fire player animation not playing sometimes.
- Improved: Add Refresh button for room list lobby.
- Fix: When change a weapon and take again this not receive ammo event.
- Add: Now when not have ammo grenade this is "desactive" in the remote player too.
- Fix: Team players can't see ragdolls from others team player.
- Change: Panels background UI in lobby has change order remove all content inherited from other projects.
- Add: Warning when your fps is low that 30 per seconds,if you get this, indicates that you need to optimize your game.
- Fix: Knife make bullet holes in some objects.
- Improved: Expose speed field in inspector for bl_PlayerAnimation.cs.

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