EleganTps Third Person Shooter Mechanics 1.04

What this project offers:
- Modern locomotion system which can be used in many games(2 types free-static)
- Foot placing system
- Compatible with all humanoid characters
- Mobile ready with all touchscreen controls
- Code driven and customizable weapon shooting mechanics
- Easy to add new weapons and customize
- Weapon cover system
- In game modifiable weapons
- Aim-No aim shooting
- Bullet trails
- Bullet speed calculations
- Quick turning, sudden stopping
- New jumping mechanics
- Basic climbing
- Various camera mods
- Various weapon animations(easy to add new weapon animations)
- 7 Weapon prefabs
- Both 3d and 2d UI
- Example scenes
- All c# scripts (mostly commented)
- And more...

скачать dle 11.3
      Published date: 06-08-2017, 20:15
      Author:  vanya
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