Realistic Water

Water has a lot of settings allow you to customize dynamic ripples, buoyancy, underwater effect, water color, depth, transparency, wave animation, flow direction, foam, distortion, reflection, caustics, etc.

Vk For Mobile 2.2

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Плагин для интеграции Vkontakte и Unityна платформах Android,iOS и WSA 
Теперь доступна авторизация через приложение вк.

Storm Unity Networking 1.1

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Storm Unity Networking is a fast, simple and flexible networking solution for server-client multiplayer games.

Tanks Multiplayer Starter KIT 1.0

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This edition of the TANKS shows you how to build a real time multiplayer tank shooter using NodeJS and platform. Node.js is a popular jаvascript runtime platform that features an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model for real-time applications. Socket.IO is a popular library for Node.js that provides a real-time transport between the web browser and the Node.js server. By default, Socket.IO tries to connect with WebSocket protocol for better performance. 

Master Archer (Bow, Arrow, Trajectory, Projectile, AI)

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Master Archer is a fun and challenging game template brought to you by Finalboss game studio. In this game, you are controlling a bowman which is rivaled by another AI-controlled archer. You need to carefully choose an angle for your shot, and then apply enough power to it, in order to hit the opponent with your arrows. The AI opponent also does the same thing in his turn. You need to finish your opponent off as fast as possible, before he does the same to you! 

Off-Canvas Menu 1.1

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The Off-Canvas Menu package allows you to create beautiful, native looking, customizable mobile menus in minutes. The menu reacts just like a native mobile menu, transitioning smoothly in and out of view and reacting to partial drags appropriately just as you would expect an off-canvas menu to in a real native mobile application. With Off-Canvas Menu it's extremely easy to add your own menu headers, items and separators - and because it's built completely in uGUI it's simple to add your own completely custom menu items as well.

Highlighting System 4.2.1

Highlighting System package allows you to easily integrate outline glow effect for objects highlighting in your Unity project.

Main features:
• Works as an Image Effect on Camera
• Compatible with Forward and Deferred rendering paths, HDR, Gamma and Linear Color Space, GPU Instancing
• Original renderer materials remains intact (sharedMaterials will remain shared)
• VR: Compatible with Single Pass (Fast) Stereo Rendering Method
• Fully compatible with LODGroup component
• Works with static and skinned meshes

EzSMTPMailer 1.1

- This Asset is easy to implement the ability to send mail by using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).
- Mail is sent asynchronously.
- You can cancel the transmission while transmitting.
- You can set the event method when the mail send operation is complete.
- You can set the encoding fromDisplayName, subject, body.

RT-Voice PRO

Did you ever want to make a game for people with visual impairments or reading difficulties? Or want your players to not have to read too much? Or would you listen to just the dialogues in your game without consulting a voice-actor in early stages of development? Then RT-Voice is your time-savingsolution to do so! RT-Voice uses TTS-voices already integrated in your system to pronounce any written text at runtime. All of this happens without intermediate steps: the transformation effects instantaneously - and, if needed, simultaneously!

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