UVee v1.9

UVee v1.9


В разработке.

Quickly assess and modify your UV maps.

UVee Official Website

- Great for debugging procedural meshes!
- Draw triangles, points, bounding boxes, and coordinates.

- Tweak UV coordinates, and revert to the original state at any point.
- Spice up your level by adjusting textures without increasing draw calls.
- Complete selection control- navigate through submeshes, transform hierarchies, and UV channels aided by UVee's color coded selection highlights.
- Source included! No DLLs here.
- No UV2 channel? No problem, generate them right inside Unity (works for any mesh).

- Selected UVs are shown on your mesh, so you never have any doubts about exactly what you're editing.
- I never sleep.* Email me for support any time!

*May or may not be a slight exaggeration.

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