Advanced Additive Scenes 1.8eb

Additive Scenes are a strategy used to break-up larger scenes into smaller pieces. This plug-in allows you to organize, view, manipulate, and save your additive scenes with a seamless interface. This is an advanced version of the "Multi-Scene Editing" promised in Unity 5.x.

Why choose this plug-in?
- Only plug-in to support baking levels, reducing load times, and making your builds smaller!
- Only plug-in to support cross-scene referencing
- Most natural workflow, Sub-Scenes are auto-saved when you expect them!
- Best plug-in for collaboration: Lock your scenes to prevent unwanted changes.
- WYSIWYG - Scenes remain exactly where you put them

New Features
- Unity 5.x Compatible
- Ability to Unload a Sub Scene
- Ability to Reference Assets Across Sub Scenes

- Better Workflow: View scenes together in editor
- Baking: Avoid run-time loading
- Collaboration: Multiple developers can work on the same logical scene

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      Published date: 08-08-2017, 20:24
      Author:  Unit
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