Blox Visual Scripting 3.0.9

Blox Visual Scripting 3.0.9


В разработке.

Blox is a Visual Scripting solution which helps you to add behaviour to objects via a drag-and-drop interface with interconnecting Blocks (actions) that responds on Events.

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Coders will feel right at home with something which flow similar to how code works rather than linked-nodes. Even non-coders can use it without the hassle of programming syntaxes and rules.

- Event based system
- Attach any number of Blox definitions to a GameObject
- Define Blox Properties (Variables) in a visual manner via the Blox editor and then set thje values for those properties in the inspector similar to how you would with components
- There are Blocks for most of Unity's runtime
- Ability to automatically create Block definitions for 3rd party APIs
- Even the functions from your own scripts can automatically turn into Blocks
- There is also an API for programming new Events and Blocks when you need more control
- Blocks for the Basic System and common Unity types, Flow control via conditions and loops, Maths operations, String, Arrays and Lists manipulation
- Support yield instructions like WaitForSeconds
- Easily add data to your Project via Global Variables or GameObject via the Object Variables components or Blox Variables
- Made for both coders and non-coders
- Popup help for Blocks help you quickly understand what it does
- Community of developers to help you out at
- Blox are not scripts, making it harder to 'decompile' and view your game logic
- Customizable Blox Editor themes
- Script generator (C# code) for when you do want to turn Blox into Scripts
- Be sure to look at the FAQ for more info or to ask questions before making a purchase

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