Timers & Clocks 1.08

Timers & Clocks 1.08


В разработке.

A fully editor integrated component, RightClick>UI>Timer to add to hierarchy. Display a string that can be formatted through inspector options to display milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours and days. Reference the component in your own scripts to mange your time related functions or hook your methods up to a timer to trigger events. Add any number of timers to your scene to be used for different purposes, such as cooldowns, events, notifications or whatever you might need a timer for. You can also display system time through an analog uGUI clock prefab or by using 3D Meshes to display the time.

Key Features:
> Written in C#, No DLL
> Display system time to included analog clock prefabs
> Count down or up timer
> Adjustable speed
> Adjustable UI string formatting
> Create multiple timers in a scene and use for various purposes.
> Inspector only displays relevant options for selected timer type.
> Load scenes at specific times
> Editor Integration Right Click>UI>Timer to add to hierarchy

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