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Activation Station is the ideal way to handle the activation/deactivation of objects on a large scale through the use of mouse clicks, key strokes, and game object states!

Activation Station is the perfect solution for utilizing any game object as a working switch or boolean variable. The way it works is that Activation Station can check to see if certain game objects are enabled/disabled and it will go ahead and enable/disable other game objects if those conditions are met. Other conditions involve utilizing mouse clicks and key strokes to enable/disable certain objects.

Activation Station is the third script-based asset that I have published on the Unity Asset Store. I believe that Activation Station can offer tremendous value to your game for it can give you the ability to disable entire scripts and animations if a particular game object is under a certain state. This gives you a better level of control that exceeds what would be possible if you had to program everything yourself.

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      Published date: 20-07-2018, 12:12
      Author:  LOyoujoLI
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