Advanced Additive Scenes 1.8eb

Additive Scenes are a strategy used to break-up larger scenes into smaller pieces. This plug-in allows you to organize, view, manipulate, and save your additive scenes with a seamless interface. This is an advanced version of the "Multi-Scene Editing" promised in Unity 5.x. 

Easy Map Builder v1.1

Unity 5 ready !
Easy Map Builder is an Editor Extension that will allow you to build custom maps very quickly and easily. It works almost only with the mouse and allow precision, duplication, and comfort along with simple interface and controls.

Horizon[ON] v1.0

Horizon[ON] is an all-round solution to make your horizons look great, even on small terrains. Terrains usually have to be much bigger than the accessible area just to hide the square shape of your world. Horizon[ON] will extend your terrain as far as the eye can see.

MegaBook v1.18

If you have ever needed an animated book in your game then MegaBook is what you need, it is a complete procedural book builder and animator with an advanced page turning animation system and content builder. 


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