uSky: Skybox-Based Lighting Shader 1.1.5

uSky: Skybox-Based Lighting Shader 1.1.5


В разработке.

uSky is a Physically Based Atmospheric Scattering Skybox in Unity. It will dynamically change the sky color based on the direction of the Light. No more old school static image skyboxes and lighting your scenes with natural sky light color from uSky!

uSky's skybox has been designed and work flawlessly with Unity 5 built-in skybox-based ambient and skybox generated specular reflection. Ambient color and reflection probe will automatically generated within Unity 5 Editor.

Right now uSky will work also with any third-party image-based lighting system in Unity 4. (SkyShop, Antonov Suit and Lux..etc) User just need to manually bake the convolve cubemaps and set them up.

*Works with both Unity Free & Unity Pro

Shader Features
> iOS & Android support
> Gamma and Linear rendering
> Deferred & Forward shader paths
> Camera HDR and Tonemapping support
> No dx11 required and fully cross-platform
> Full source codes included!

uSky required SM3.0
uSky works currently with perspective camera view only.

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